Audience Types

Early Bird I
Before 6/30/2019

Early Bird II
Before 8/15/2019


Audience Registration
(Includes admission permit, buffet lunch, coffee break, and conference materials)

$ 480

$ 530

$ 580

Audience Registration - group discount
(5 persons or above)



$ 430 / person

Sponsor Types

Early Bird
Before 6/30/2019


Pre-Workshop Sponsorship (September 9, 2019)
- 2 hours per workshop, the sponsor arranges content and presentations;
- Audience invited by the Organizer (about 50 participants/workshop);
- Logo on event webpages, emails & in print program;
- Logo on workshop onsite signage and backdrop;
- 1 tabletop exhibit; (Sep.9-11, 2019);
- The workshop attendee list provided.


$ 4,830

Exclusive Title Sponsorship   NEW
- 40 minutes opening speech on the 1st day of the conference;
- 30 minutes technical speech;
- 1 tabletop exhibit with backdrop;
- 20 free conference passes (w/ lunches);
- 50% off additional conference passes
- Logo wherever SiP Conference China 2019 promoted
- Logo on event webpages, emails, print program covers, badges,etc;
- Logo on Event Signage * where Space permits
- One pre or post event HTML email;
- Attendee list;
- A cross-page print advertising in the conference proceedings, flyer/giveaway distributed to all attendees;
- Onsite media interview

$ 26,800

$ 29,800

Premier Sponsorship  HOT
- 40 minutes speech at the conference;
- 1 tabletop exhibit;
- 6 conference registration, 2 exhibit passes (w/ lunches);
- Attendee list;
- A full-page print advertisement in the conference proceedings, flyer/giveaway distributed to all attendees;
- Logo on event webpages, emails, & in printed programs

$ 11,590

$ 12,880

Corporate Sponsorship
- 30 minutes speech at the conference;
- 1 tabletop exhibit;
- 3 conference registration, 1 exhibit passes (w/ lunches);
- Attendee list;
- A half-page print advertisement i in the conference proceedings;
- Logo on event webpages, emails & in print program

$ 7,245

$ 8,050

Tabletop Exhibit(table size: 1.83m Length * 0.45m width * 0.74m height )
- 1 long table and chairs;
- 1 booth personnel registration with meals included;
- Attendee list;
- Recognition in program and on website

$ 1,338

$ 1,610

Speaker Information:
Powerpoint/Presentation file used during session:
Speaker's responsibility to bring to session on USB
Recommended to have back-up on personal laptop/USB/cloud or email to prior to event
Technical Presentation Time: 30 minutes (25 minutes to present; 5 minutes for Q&A)
Keynote Presentation Time: 40 minutes (35 minutes to present; 5 minutes for Q&A)
When booking hotel rooms, please provide the hotel with the name of the conference will enjoy the hotel preferential agreement price.
Dress Code:
There is no officially "dress code" for the SiP Conference. We ask you to be BUSINESS CASUAL or whatever more you prefer.
Most speakers tend to be in business pants and button down/company logo shirts (Women in dresses or the same). Suits, sport coats and ties are common as well. We do not recommend casual attire.
Session rooms will be equipped with:
Screen, projector, podium, laptop (with Microsoft Windows and recent OFFICE suite), microphone, and slide remote/laser pointer.
You are required to load your powerpoint/presentation onto the session laptop yourself using your USB drive.
Speak with your session chair if you need assistance.
About the Session:
Sessions begin with Session Chairs making general announcements. Session Chairs will then introduce speakers by reading BIOs. Speaker will present for 25 minutes, followed by 5 minutes for questions. Session Chairs will thank the speakers. This process is repeated for each speaker in the session. Many sessions will take refreshment breaks (see program).
Silence all mobile phones during session attendance.

Tabletop Set-up / Exhibition hours / Move out
Date Set-up time Exhibition Hours Move-out
Sep. 10 7:30am – 8:30am 8:30am – 19:00pm
Sep. 11 8:30am – 15:30pm 15:30pm – 16:30pm
*   Please make sure the demo set-up has been completed on time.
*   No exhibitor is allowed to move out before the official closing time.
*   Exhibitors have to watch and maintain the exhibits during the exhibition hours, and exhibits management and protection will NOT be provided at night time.
*   Special attention to your site staff to take care of valuable exhibits and personal belongings, it is recommended to buy relevant insurance.